My Plan: Reasonable Growth, Not Overdevelopment

by | Sep 26, 2018

My plan for reasonable growth, not overdevelopment:

  1. Amend the Downtown Core precinct in the new Official Plan to restore the mid-rise character (4 storeys, up to 8 with conditions) rather than the new plan of up to 30 more highrises downtown 12-17 storeys or higher, including one in the middle of Village Square.
  2. Remove the Aldershot neighbourhoods of Queen Mary/Clearview/St Matthews from the Aldershot GO Mobility Hub.
  3. Protect neighbourhoods throughout Burlington from overdevelopment beyond the Official Plan and provincial targets, and vigorously defend our decisions at the new Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, which gives more weight to local council decisions.
  4. Work with Halton Region and the Province to remove the Urban Growth Centre and Mobility Hub designations from the downtown. The Ontario Municipal Board approved a 26-storey building at Martha/Lakeshore because it’s in the “mobility hub.”
  5. Seek a revised proposal for Lakeside Plaza (currently 7 buildings up to 18 storeys)
  6. Advocate at the new Local Planning Appeal Tribunal for scaled back developments at 2100 Brant Street and the Appleby Fortinos Plaza.
  7. Only accept growth that our infrastructure will handle, when new growth forecasts to 2041 are divided among Halton municipalities by Halton Region.

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