The Burlington we all love is at risk of overdevelopment through the new Official Plan (supported by the current mayor), with up to 30 towers coming downtown, plans for 30+ storey buildings at the GO stations and overdevelopment in established neighbourhoods across the city.

The current mayor is putting forward the motions at council for increased building height and density, disregarding residents’ objections

Developers are taking note, submitting plans that go well beyond existing, and in some cases, new Official Plan policies:

Pinedale towers; Alton towers; major townhouse projects at 2100 Brant St, Dynes Road and Blue Water/Avondale in the middle of established neighbourhoods; 12 storeys along Plains Rd. in a 6-storey area; a 23 storey condo across from City Hall on assembled lots allowing 4 to 12 storeys; and 24 storeys across the street.

In each case, residents supported scaled back projects.

We are already on track to meet our growth targets without this plan for overintensification. The rural areas has been protected since 2006.

With a new mayor and three new councillors, let’s amend the Official Plan to scale back overdevelopment downtown, GO stations and established neighbourhoods.


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