Aldershot is set to dramatically grow.

Despite assurances established neighbourhoods would be protected, the mayor and council voted 5 to 2 to keep Aldershot’s  Clearview/Queen Mary/St Matthews neighbourhood in the mobility hub.  The plan includes 30+ storey condos, with 11 storey condos on Clearview Avenue where detached homes currently exist.

The plan for parkland is inadequate, with only 1 hectare added for every 6,200 new residents.  Included in the proposed parks and open space is a stormwater overflow retention pond.

Let’s amend the plan to remove the Clearview, Queen Mary and St. Matthews communities from the Aldershot GO mobility hub boundaries; and stick to the height limits along Plains Road for new developments.

Planning is about the right development of the right scale in the right place, along with planning for what residents want: parks, retail and community centres not just quantity of units.

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