VIDEO: The Next Four Years

VIDEO: The Next Four Years

We live in a great city and must take care to keep what is great as we grow and change. We must protect what residents value and what makes you want to live, work, raise your family and retire here. We do that when City Hall works with residents, listens to your input and puts the needs of residents first.

Over the next four years, my focus will be on :

  • development and intensification that respects neighbourhood character, preserves greenspace and follows the Official Plan – intensification is one goal; it can’t be the only goal;
  • attracting jobs and supporting office and institutional uses downtown, to bring weekday and year-round foot traffic to our businesses;
  • a code of conduct for council, particularly on gifts and fundraising by council members for their own activities;
  • improved transit service; a tree bylaw to prevent clear-cutting of properties before development; a facility fee waiver to help artists use our cultural buildings; and more affordable housing units through new builds.

What I offer:

Experience: As your councillor for four years, I know the issues, the opportunities ahead, and how to navigate City Hall to get results.

Full-time commitment: My first commitment is serving residents; I don’t have another full-time job or business on the side that detracts from my duties or poses a potential conflict of interest.

Ward 2 newsletter: I let you know what’s happening, invite your feedback and tell you where I stand in “My Take” – the most popular feature in the newsletter!

Courage: I follow my convictions and speak up for residents, even when I’m in the minority, and also have a track record of working with others to achieve shared goals.