Buy an historic whinstone and support the Freeman Station restoration

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Submitted by Mark Gillies

At a recent City Hall event, Councillor Marianne Meed Ward was presented with a Certificate for sponsoring Whinstone 1/1000 by Brian Aasgaard, President of Friends of Freeman Station. The Whinstone Sponsorship fundraising campaign will help raiseĀ $100,000 which will be used for the restoration of the historic 1906 Burlington Junction Station. All 1,000 sponsors will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, a copy of the history of the Whinstone that explains the connection between the Whinstone and Burlington Junction Station, plus every name will be permanently recognized on a Sponsor Honour Plaque that will be prominently displayed inside Burlington Junction Station.

Now is your chance to sponsor a Whinstone. You may want to sponsor one or more Whinstones in honour of a loved one who may not be with us, or you may want to sponsor a Whinstone to celebrate a special event; a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a marriage, or a retirement, or as a gift, and it is a great way to just have some fun and honour yourself. Whinstone Certificates can be adapted to accommodate special wording requests. Whinstone Certificates can be framed, and they look great.

To place your order for a Whinstone sponsorship, please print out the enclosed Whinstone Order Form attachment, and mail it along with your cheque to the address provided. All Whinstone Sponsorships will receive charitable tax receipts.


Mark Gillies
Friends of Freeman Station
Fundraising &Membership Chairman

Friends of Freeman Station Order Form Whinstone Sponsorship.pdf

  • Joan Turbitt | Apr 11, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    I was having difficulty opening this newsletter. I believe you will be taking donations for the duration and will definitely donate. After all I very much believe in the preservation of Freeman Station, but have been unable to attend for sometime (that or anything else). I filled all this out before.

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