Representatives from LaSalle Park Marina attend waterfront meeting

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Trumpeter Swans spend their winters at LaSalle Park.

Trumpeter Swans spend their winters at LaSalle Park.

A number of residents have been asking whether city council has taken a position on the proposed LaSalle Park Wave Break & Marina Expansion. A number of you have also raised concerns about the potential impact of the proposed expansion on the park environment and in particular the Trumpeter Swan population.

Meantime, the marina has asked the city to help fund the next level of detailed design.

Council is waiting to hear back from the Ministry of the Environment before taking any further action.

Two separate parties requested that the Ministry review the Environmental Assessment completed by a consultant back in August. That review is underway and there is no timeline for the Ministry to report back.

Meantime, the Burlington Waterfront Committee has been learning more about the issue, and has had presentations from the Trumpeter Swan Coalition and the LaSalle Park Marina Association. The committee is a volunteer group of residents from across the city, providing resident input to city and regional council on waterfront access and protection issues. The committee has not yet taken a position on the marina, but is gathering additional information.

To see the minutes of these meetings, and the presentations from the two groups, visit the committee’s webpage at¬†

For more background on the marina, and to read the original Environmental Assessment, visit the city’s webpage devoted to the marina¬†here

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  • Sharon Hall | Mar 22, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    Thank you Councillor for your impartial wording and links to ponder. I am hopeful that there is a solution that will work for all parties. It is a shame that the groups involved can’t join forces to preserve the environment, the wildlife, the waterfront, tourism, recreation and all that The City has to offer. As a member of the marina, I am offended that boaters are considered to be elite, wealthy or unconcerned over the impact that an enlarged, safe marina will have. Boating is likely not any more costly than having kids in competitive or rep sports. In many instances, we boaters have experienced that part of our lives and now look forward to this stage of our life in leisure. I know that the city is committed to all aspects of sports and leisure and that it applies to all ages, statuses and interests. There is more to LaSalle than just the Marina. It is a place where wedding couples come to be photographed, where people come to launch day boats, eat their lunch, walk their dogs, daydream, fish or watch fireworks…. Should the marina fail, much of the landscape would change and the only Marina in Burlington would be gone. I don’t think anyone want this.
    Again, thank you for providing a forum. There is a benefit to listening to all sides of the story.

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