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Downtown core residents form association to be citizen voice on development

A group of residents living in the downtown core area of Burlington have formed a residents association to provide a citizens voice on development and intensification.

The core area is defined by Victoria Avenue at the north end to Lakeshore Road in the south and the west edge of Locust Street to the eastern Martha Street border.

According to the group's website, the Core Residents "is a group of people that have come to believe that the issues of rapid intensification, massive building growth and its associated side effects are affecting the quality of our lives and the way we live and...

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08 October
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The state of downtown – and what we can do to make it better

It’s recently been reported that 21 businesses have left downtown Burlington since January. In the same period of time, 23 businesses have come to downtown Burlington. Some of these businesses have closed; others have relocated for a variety of reasons (including elsewhere in downtown). What does this tell us about the state of the downtown, and more importantly the role each of us can play to make the downtown better, including City Council, Burlington Downtown Business Association, Burlington Economic Development Corporation, businesses and residents?...

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07 October
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City reissues business licence to Melodia; allows music on the patio

Many thanks to the dozen or so residents who attended the public meeting regarding Melodia Restaurant July 29 to discuss the past year of operations and changes to the business licence. This annual meeting with the neighbourhood is required under Melodia's liquor licence, business licence and the Committee of Adjustment conditions for when building and patio were approved. Under previous ownership, this location had been plagued by noise, vandalism and drunkenness, and the liquor licence had been pulled. Since the ownership has changed, however, there has been peace in the neighbourhood. I have had no complaints from residents. I want to thank...

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14 August
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TransNorthern Pipeline in Burlington’s Downtown

Below you will find resources from the June 24 Citizens Advisory Committee discussing the pipeline that runs through downtown Burlington at Elgin and along the Centennial bikeway. There is a map of the pipeline, along with powerpoint presentations from the fire department, TransNorthern Pipelines and the Transportation Safety Board. Fire Department Presentation June 24 2014.pdf TransNorthern Presentation June 24 2014.PDF TSB - What We Do - June 2014 DM.pdf...

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04 July