Campaign Kickoff

Campaign Kickoff

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Huge thank you to all my volunteers and to everyone who came to the joint campaign kickoff at the Art Gallery of Burlington for my reelection as Ward 2 Burlington city councillor, and Leah Reynolds election as public school trustee for Wards 1  and 2. Thanks to the downtown businesses who donated to our event: Kelly Childs Kelly’s Bake Shoppe cupcakes; flowers from Blossoms. We talked about why trustees matter – they safeguard our children’s education and our schools, which are the hearts of our community. We talked about why governments need to trust residents, and tap your expertise to build a better City of Burlington.

Thanks to Selina Eckersall-McCall from No Vacancy for her introduction of me.


Marianne Meed Ward - Women, misbehaving and history
Marianne getting a hug
Marianne Meed Ward -2500
Marianne Meed Ward
Marianne Meed Ward Campaign Kickoff
Marianne Meed Ward and Leah Reynolds

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