Internet Voting now open – October 2 to 19

Internet Voting now open – October 2 to 19

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You must register before you can vote online. Register with the code on your Voter Information Notice and you’ll be sent an online voting PIN (Personal Identification Number). Internet voting registration is Sept. 29 to midnight Oct. 17. Internet votes can be cast between Oct. 2 and midnight Oct. 19.  Click here to register or vote.

Here are the steps below.


Burlington Municipal 2014 Internet Voting - options

To register you must be on the voters’ list and have received your Voter Information Notice (VIN) sent out at the end of September. Your VIN contains your Voter Identification Number and you need to enter this and other personal information during the registration process.

On the left, the Voter Information Notice sent to Burlington residents. On the right, the online registration form showing where you provide your Voter Identification Number

On the left, the Voter Information Notice sent to Burlington residents. On the right, the online registration form showing where you provide your Voter Identification Number

Registration is a two-step process that will ensure only those qualified to vote, can vote. Your registration form/application is first reviewed electronically and if your request is confirmed to be valid you will within 24 hours receive an email with a link to where you can obtain your unique and confidential PIN.

When it comes time to vote on-line you will require both your PIN and your Voter Identification Number on your Voter Information Notice.


Ready to proceed, click here.


Red box shows where to provide your Voter Identification Number sent by mail, and the PIN received by email following registration.

The red box shows where to provide your Voter Identification Number sent by mail, and the PIN received via an email link following registration.

  • Joan Turbitt | Oct 7, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    I attended the all candidates mtg. at the Lions Club. The Lions did a great job facilitating and moderating the evening to a standing room only crowd. I also submitted 2 questions which were addressed. Mayor Goldring and Regional Chair Gary Carr spoke well on the issues which were Emergency Preparedness and Affordable Housing, and promised consultations with constituents going forward. Both Mayor Goldring and Chair Carr were articulate, polite and professional and knew the issues. Unfortunately, after the initial speech the male candidates at the left of the table (from the audiences perspective) chose instead to sit and talk. I even stood up and still could not see who was talking or hear very well, so do not know what they said, and have no way of asking. How can a candidate for Regional Chair be seriously considered if they do not even have the courtesy to stand and speak. What I heard on topics of affordable housing tells me that they do Not have any knowledge on the subject. Candidate for Mayor Peter Rusin stated that Councillor Meed Ward suppressed affordable housing of the Maranatha Build which is untrue. Councillor Meed Ward responded and I agree and also spoke out against it being called or even considered to be an Affordable housing project for seniors. In no way shape or form is that bldg. “Affordable Housing” meant to assist seniors on a low fixed income. The rents were approx. 2,000 for a 1 bedroom per mo. and 4,000 a mo. for a 2 bedroom, or could be purchased for about 400 thousand dollars and still pay approx. 1,000 mo. in fees. It is misleading and false representation of the need for affordable housing to suggest that this project would serve that purpose. Obviously for those who say that it is are speaking from their own agenda which is NOT helping seniors or any single income household of any composition requiring rent at no more than 30% of their income.

    A candidate for council or Mayor who does not know that is being disingenuous to suggest that they care for seniors and that this is their solution. Someone also mentioned 400 sq. ft apartments for affordable housing. Absolutely not. Obviously this person has Not spoken to anyone who requires housing on a fixed income or they would know better than to say this is what is needed.

    First of all, You do Not tell people what they need They will tell you what they need. As well, one must look ahead when planning to build new apartments considering the variable in demographics with seniors rapidly approaching the largest number than all others combined. Accessibility as well as affordability must be factored in as some of the bldgs. used for affordable units for seniors have had to be changed to include other ages as well because the bldgs do not have elevators and seniors cannot navigate the stairs as many times as required. For eg. laundry which requires multiple trips per load. Homework must be done folks. Meetings should have been attended. The women candidates all stood and spoke but Councillor Meed Ward sets the best example she walks back and forth articulates very well, and modulates her speech and knows her issues because she does her homework and consults with constituents on the issues. Councillor Meed Ward never tells us what we must have she listens then has workshops to consult with everyone. In conclusion although I went to the meeting with some misgivings I came away with the conclusion that our incumbents are the best people for the job. The rest have a long long way to go and need to do their homework and attend meetings on the issues the public deem important.

  • Peter Rusin | Oct 13, 2014 at 10:03 am

    We need some clarity here; speaking in generalities does not achieve anything. I have considerable experience in development and a firm understanding of affordable housing policies and the mechanisms to achieve same. I have been involved in over 2,000 land development/ land assembly projects across the GTA and the province, with a total of approximately $2B – $3Billion in total transactions. I also have real experience in developing gov’t assisted housing, as well as medium and high density intensification projects working for both developers and all the various levels of government and government agencies. I participated in the development where there were people with income issues, mental health issues, and poverty; so I do not appreciate negative assertions; you should have introduced yourself at the meeting and aired your opinions there so there would not be a need for this response. I know how the development process works because I have actually been making a living at it for over 25 years.

    I agree with your 400sf comment. But, I disagree with your comment regarding own agendas. My agenda is to help everybody, including seniors. Also as a long time resident of Burlington, my children, my parents, and extended family members, makes housing affordability a high priority for me. That is another reason I am running, to achieve greater successes from development for everybody.

    The development I initially spoke about was the 5 x 20 storey tower Molinaro project at the Fairview GO Station which consists of approximately 1M square feet of building GFA, a massive development. Obtaining 5 affordable housing units in this development was totally inadequate. Another example of a developer benefiting at the naivety and expense of the city. What a missed opportunity! I could help with something like this.

    This council has been inadequate in dealing with development projects. The Maranatha project I used as another example of how council continues to suppress density; I did not categorize the Maranatha project as being affordable housing. My point is when you suppress density at appropriate locations, you lose the ability to capitalize on community benefits, such as affordable housing (note that affordable housing includes traditional models of gov’t assisted housing, and open market housing for everybody like 1st time buyers, seniors, and everybody in between, and the affordable housing does not necessarily have to be at the project location). I suggested that if the Maranatha project, or any other new development project was managed more effectively, we could achieve more benefits for seniors and others that continue to suffer from a lack of housing affordability……..and in no way did I suggest Maranatha was strictly an affordable housing development.

    Thanks for bringing up the need for clarification. peter

  • Joan Turbitt | Oct 14, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    The intention was Not to bring up a need for clarification but to point out that based on your statements you Mr. Rusin do not speak to the wants, needs, or necessities of the families who are in need of “affordable housing”. You speak of your thoughts only. Again I repeat You do Not tell people where and what they will have They will Tell you. You will Not Make these decisions but abide by the decisions of the electorate, the constituents.

    You just cannot seem to bring yourself to include the families that will be affected by the buildings You Want to put up, or the neighbours who have to live beside them.

  • Peter Rusin | Oct 16, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Joan, that is the reality of the world in which we live, and it is becoming much more challenging to manage the demands of growth and inevitable change. However, my intent is exactly what you are trying to say. I also respect the fact that Marianne Meed Ward is doing her best and I would really like to work together with her to make things even better. peter

  • Joan Turbitt | Oct 17, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    According to a Webster’s Dicitonary Democracy is: l. Government in which the people nold the Ruling Power, either Directly or through Elected Representatives. 4. The Principle of Equality of Rights, Opportunity & Treatment or The Practice of The Principle.
    There has been much discussion of the Need for Constituents Wishes to be heard and Implemented. It is quite clear in this Dictionary Definition that our Elected Representatives are to convey the Issues of the Ruling Power to the governing body to ensure our instructions are implemented.
    The failure of The Principle of Equality of Rights, Opportunity and Treatment is that The Practice of the Principle is Not Enforced. Indeed, it is not even Practised or considered by too many elected representatives. For Too long most Elected Representatives have wrongly assumed that they should decide for the Electorate Against their wishes as to what will be decided.
    Therefore, I believe a Referendum on this very Important Issue should be held or some mechanism put into place to ensure our Democratic Rights are upheld and that our wishes and needs are put forward by the Elected Representatives and not the other way around. Does anyone else agree?

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