Proven community leadership for Ward 2

[fb-share] You’ve told me you’re skeptical of political promises – rightly so. You’re less concerned with how long someone’s lived here than what they’ve done in that time on the issues. Actions speak louder to you than words, and the best predictor of future action is past behaviour. I’m the only candidate who’s rolled up my sleeves in between elections to work alongside you to address the many challenges we’ve faced.

On downtown intensification, I’m the only candidate who…

  • delegated to council that a 17-storey highrise in a residential area zoned for four storeys is out-of-scale.
  • alerted Queensway area residents that city council quietly increased density for a controversial housing project; city officials and our councillor evaded a direct question on this at a public meeting, weeks after making the change.
pier petition to Burlington city council

Marianne presenting 229 name petition to city council, asking for transparency on options and costs to finish the pier

On the pier, I’m the only candidate who…

  • interviewed the contractor, the bonding agent and city staff, providing residents the facts behind city press releases;
  • with the support of 229 residents, organized and presented a petition to city council asking for transparency on options and costs.

On the Freeman Station, I’m the only candidate who…

  • organized a consensus among residents to save the station, delegating to council with recommendations for alternative sites.

On waterfront development, I’m the only candidate who…

  • started Burlington’s largest grassroots movement in recent memory (2000+ residents), as chair of Save our Waterfront;
  • delegated to city council to protect the Estaminet heritage property (Emmas);
  • participated in the OMB hearing, where TDL stood down from getting extra height along the shoreline;
  • persuaded city council to form a city-wide citizens’ committee to review waterfront development, so we’re not blindsided again.

On community participation, I’m the only candidate who…

  • hosts an online community forum – A Better Burlington, and publishes monthly newsletters;
  • hosted public meetings on the waterfront;
  • organized community consensus on the pier, Freeman Station, and waterfront development.

On Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital’s revitalization, I’m the only candidate who…

  • sits as a volunteer member of the hospital’s Board of Governors, working with staff to eliminate a deficit and seek approval of our long overdue expansion plan

Imagine how much more can be done with a strong voice pulling for you, on council. I’m running to restore trust and rebuild the relationship between residents and City Hall, through accountability and transparency, public engagement, limits on spending, and balanced development. You can find specific commitments on these pages and my website. But it starts with a commitment to listening and serving you.

Change is possible. You can make it happen on Oct. 25 by voting Marianne Meed Ward for Ward 2 Councillor.

My Background:

  • founder of A Better Burlington website and chair, Save our Waterfront;
  • member of Joseph Brant Hospital Board of Governors;
  • vice-chair, Transit Advisory Committee;
  • 2010 nominee for Burlington’s Community Service award;
  • panelist, Michael Coren Show, Toronto Sun columnist principal, Meed Ward Media;
  • 10 years in Burlington; live in Ward 2 with my husband of 17 years, our two daughters and son.

Contact Me

Telephone: 905-335-1899
Facebook: marianne.meedward
Twitter: mariannmeedward